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Learn English Grammar Free

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Articles | 0 comments

Whatever language you have proposed yourself to learn, learning grammar should be an essential part of the process. Grammar is the set of rules that enables language usage as such, using grammar correctly being one of the most important criteria of effective communication.

Sometimes you can hear people saying that you only need to know a couple of verb tenses, it’s enough to know the present and the past tenses. It’s not true. If you want to speak English well, you need to be aware of the most important grammatical structures. For example, if you don’t know the past perfect tense, you will probably have hard times learning the conditional sentences and the reported speech. It’s like building a house, but leaving out a few bricks along the way. Contrary to “popular” belief, grammar is IMPORTANT! 🙂

When it comes to learning English grammar, there are various great ways. You can choose to buy language learning material packages, complete with English listening exercises, writing assignments and grammar tests or you can choose to learn and improve your knowledge of grammar with the help of modern online tools that are available for free.

With the help of these great, educative and entertaining websites you can learn English grammar quickly and easily. Most sites contain not only grammar exercises and texts, but also videos to illustrate how grammar is used in real life, in real English. The most advanced websites will offer you the possibility to join a group of language learners and share your ideas and your difficulties with them, allowing you to find answers to your grammar-related questions quickly.

Most English grammar learning tools will provide a short explanation of the rule to be practiced as well as examples of the usage. After that there is usually a practice part where you are required to do gap-fill exercises or to use the grammar rule learned in other ways, then the lesson ends with the testing part, requiring you to fill in multiple choice tests or prove your understanding of the rule in other ways. In a good online course, the lessons are structured in a circular pattern, which means that you will first encounter a certain grammar rule in its basic form and the, as the course progresses, you will encounter the same rule again, with increased complexity, teaching you irregular uses or exceptions.

Grammar mistakes can cause a lot of problems in both spoken and written form. While for grammatically correct speaking you need someone to speak to and correct you, you can practice grammatically correct writing easily with online tools. These tools will correct the text you enter, but not only from the point of view of spelling, but in terms of grammar as well, pointing out the mistake and offering you correcting options, too.

You can learn English grammar free any time. It does not belong to the distant future any longer. Just go online and enter a search for free grammar learning tools, then test them to see which is the one you like best – you will see that your progress has never been so quick and so enjoyable.


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